Grade 5

Courtenay, BC
British Columbia

Homes essay

Homes essay
Many rich people take their life for granted and do not think about the people who really need money. Am sure this troubles you, people should help each other here are some thing I think should be in a house.
Family that Looks out for each other
Happy and sad memories
A place to sleep
Protection from rain thunder and snow
Open minds
Medical things
Friends and family
Nothing taken for granted
Puns and jokes
The ability to hug and kiss
You not feeling like you are in a jail cell
Computers if possible
Electronics if possible
A table
No bullies
Ice cubes for drinks
Sibling rivalry
Protecting each other
The ability to play without being scared for your life
You keeping people safe
The courage to call it home/your house
The ability to know you will not get hurt here
Learning how to cook
Teaching how to cook
Setting the table for dinner
The ability to have friends over
The ability to go outside and play
Not having to fight each other to survive
Not having to leave because of war
The ability to Not be mean
Being able to read a book
The ability to Not have to kill someone or something
The knowledge of knowing your parents, children, siblings and everyone related to you
The ability to annoy your siblings
The ability to Feel free and being free
Being able to draw
Being able to write a book
Watching the snow fall from a window on Christmas
Dreaming great dreams
having nightmares
Sharing laughs
Sharing each other
Warming up in winter with a blanket, some nice warm hot chocolate, well cuddling with family members by the fire
Giving out candy to trick-or-treaters on Halloween