Grade 4



Some people don’t have homes. My class is lucky they have homes. We have homes cause our parents have jobs so they get money to pay for our homes. A lot of people have homes but some don’t. Parents that lost their jobs deserve houses because they probably do so much stuff for the children. We have warm beds to sleep on but people without homes can’t sleep on warm beds like we do. Some people that don’t have homes live with family or friends, but what if their family or friends don’t live in the same town or city as you? So if you see anybody with no homes and living outside give them a lot of money (example) so there’s someone selling chips for 5 dollars and you feel bad for them give them a twenty just to make their day. So if you’re sad and you see some that don’t have a house give them some food or money. I think people that don’t have houses should get a lot of money for having no house or if they can’t pay for the bills. If someone you know doesn’t have a house invite them over for dinner, hangout, or just have him over that’s fine cause they should have houses. It’s not fair cause everybody should have jobs even homeless people.
Homes are very cozy and we have power for lights. I have food to eat, water to drink. I like my house because I have a bed, lights and my family.
By Odin