Grade 6


Homeless People

Have you ever thought of homeless people? There are at least 200,0o0 homeless people in Canada. Can you imagine if you were one of those people?

People have no homes and they have nowhere to go. On a rainy day they can get as wet as can be. So many will generously give; yet, it’s never enough to provide a home for the homeless. They try to save up, but they need to eat. When they walk out of a store they have no money left. We are very lucky we have a home and a place to stay. If you were homeless all you would want would be home or a roof over your head.

They don’t have a bed they just have the floor. They might have a blanket but when winter comes will they stay warm? No a thin blanket does not get you warm.

You may just think homeless people are adults but one quarter of homeless people are children. Also, tens of thousands of veterans are homeless. So that means a lot of these people who risk their lives for us are homeless too. We did not risk our life in war. We have homes and people could have died now they don’t have a home. Also, there are different cultures that are homeless. We can’t just worry about adults – we have to also think about kids.

There are various places for homeless people to go for support. There are some shelters like the Shepherds Of Good Hope, The Red Door Family shelters, Ryandale Shelter for the homeless and the Covenant house. There are only so many beds and there is not enough room for all the homeless people in Canada. Even with these services, there is still not enough room.

People might think that they might not use your donations on food but you can by the them something to eat instead. Next time you are somewhere and you see a homeless person.

Think, would you want to not have a home? So you can give them some money or something to eat.