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Homeless is What Kills

One day when I was walking back home I noticed someone bulldozing our house down and a sign that said “SOLD”. And then I spotted 4 little heads looking at me waving I ran to them and sat down on a cold bench and cried next to my Dad. The next day me and my Dad started begging for money I got most of the money, my Dad got food thrown at his face. I did not understand why they were being that rude to my Dad it was just not fair. I felt like yelling at those people but i did not want to lose all my money. Soon things just left, my education, my home,my clothes then I was left with nothing not even a penny . One day my Mom and Dad left so I was on the streets alone . I tried begging for money it never worked I was hungry, homeless and lonely.I started begging for money , for once I got a few dollar bills. I decided to go to the corner store and buy as much as I could. I think it would last me a week but it only lasted me 3 days.The next day I saw another homeless kid then i realized it was my sister! I hugged her . My Grandpa and Grandma of course they live in New York so i ran to their street as fast as i can behind was my sister I finally made it to their street . I ran to my room and cried then my Dad came in and said my brother committed suicide I cried harder than ever. Even now I can’t rid of the memory of my brother dying. “Somethings you can recover, but not death”.

By: Keira