Grade 6


Home,a meaningful word

Home, a meaningful word, it has different meanings for different people. Home can be anywhere; it can be a house, an apartment, or even streets. Home is a place where you feel welcomed, loved, and protected, it is also where you spend time with your family; enjoy the smiles, laughter, comfort, and love. Home, it’s wherever you feel like it.

There are many words that can describe home, warm, happy, love, nice, protected, they all mean home. To me, home means the place you live which gives you a warm feeling, you feel protected there, just because it gives you that safe feel. It is nice to have a home, when you get back from your journey, maybe you are walking back from school, or maybe you came back from the grocery shop, your family greets you with a warm smile, or a simple “Welcome back!” .Home, it’s a word with different meanings for different people.

Home, it can be anywhere, no matter how dirty, messy, or ugly it may be, it still can be the home of someone. Home doesn’t have to be fancy; you will just need to feel welcomed and comfortable in it. When you look at your home, it makes you smile, you grow up in your home, and you learned how to walk in it. When you are in your home, fear almost never comes to you, and your problems all seemed to fade away. Home, it’s a place where happiness flows and grows.

Unfortunately, there are people out there, homeless. They struggle for their families’ lives. Many things could have happened to them, they might have been poor, and maybe a tragedy struck, for example, an earthquake has blown up their house. The fact is, there are around 20,000 new Canadians experiencing homelessness each year. Homelessness is a horrible thing, and we should help prevent it by donating more to the homeless.

Home is a safe, warm place where happiness grows, you feel protected and brave, and it is filled with love and smiles. When you are enjoying the happiness in your home, do not forget that there are still people in this world who are suffering from homelessness, they are covered in worries and sadness, and so we should help people not only when they are in trouble, but whenever you see homelessness. Home, a meaningful word, a place filled with love.