Grade 4

Salt Spring Island
British Columbia

Home write

Home is a wonderful place to come to after a long journey, or a short one, after a bad day, after a good day. Without home, I don’t know what I would do. I think that everyone should have a home, to share memories, to love, but, there are two things you need to have a home: a house, and a loving family. Being lonely is scary, you have no one to rest your shoulder on, no one to help you in the worst of times. A home is not complete without a family. ‘Family’- What a wonderful word! Absolutely beautiful. Most homes are kept for four or five years, but this is not every home. Sometimes, homes can be kept for the owner’s entire life, or just for a few months. Having lived in eleven homes myself, I know what it’s like. A big aspect of a home is things you enjoy. For example, my home would not be complete without books, or maybe someone who enjoys cooking. Their house would not be complete without food. Do you see what I’m saying?

Home is a wonderful thing
A beautiful thing
A nice little cottage
Or a giant mansion
It’s still
Just home.