Grade 6



What is the meaning of the word HOME?
Home is a wonderful place where I open the door and am greeted warmly by my siblings and my loving mom and dad. It’s the place where I feel extremely safe and comfortable. It’s a magical place where you get to play happily with your fuzzy pets and siblings.
In a home there are the sweet and wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. You smell the tasty cookies or things being baked or cooked. Your cozy bed is filled up with your favorite stuffies. Your rubber duckies are swimming in the soapy, bubbly water, waiting for you to splash around with them. Following your bath, you are tucked into bed and hear the sound of the bathtub filling up with hot water the way your mom likes it. Then you hear the fire crackling downstairs in the living room and your cuddly pets snoring in front of the fireplace. Slowly, you drift off into a deep, deep sleep.
Soon you are awakened by the delicious, amazing scent of breakfast and the smiling, warm sun streaming in your face as if to say, “get up you bedhead!” You rush downstairs for breakfast and eat delicious, sweet, tasty smelling pancakes and slurp it down with hot chocolate and soft, squishy marshmallows.
Home is a magical, heart warming, and amazing place.