Grade 5


“Home Wasn’t Built in a Day”

I know this quote is true.
A house can be built in about a month. But a home can’t. It takes many years and months to make memories which construct a home
In my life, I have faced many problems in different places. But coming to my home helps me calm down, feel better and happier. My home to me is somewhere that I feel secure and happy because of the people that I share it with. One example of a problem in my life is when my mom and dad were fighting. I was crying so much so I went to my friend’s house to try and calm down. It helped a little but when I came home that made me feel a lot better.
I think its sad that some people don’t have homes, and they don’t have enough money or any money to get food or shelter to protect themselves from the elements of the earth. I think that Habitat for Humanity is an amazing charity because they are helping other people that need homes.
Its very true that you can’t build a home in a day.