Grade 6

Grand-Bay wesfield
New Brunswick

home vs house

Home vs houses
Megan Lacey Nov 20, 2017
Do you think that a home and a house are the same thing? Well, most people think that they are. But, really they not the same

What makes a home a home? The things that are in a house are what makes it a home. In your home there is usually stuff that is special to you. Most of the time a home is most likely to make you feel happy and fill you with joy. But, not all the time. A home can be anything it could be a senior home or, an apartment or, maybe a boat.

A lot of people have a big house and most of the time those will never become a home because there is so much space and you never see each other as much a house is the structure like the wood and nails. A few people have two houses and in my opinion maybe one or none would be a home.

I am glad that habitat for humanity is doing this and not just sitting around because it is a really big problem for a lot of people.