Grade 4

British Columbia

Home vs House


There’s a difference between a home and house.
First, in a home you have the people you love the most, like your Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandparents maybe even some friends and pets. But in a house there’s not so many people you care about. A home feels safe, comfy, and loving. It has a good feeling and spirit. Sometimes a house can’t feel safe and a house isn’t comfy. Houses don’t have a happy feeling and there’s no spirit to a house. A home is more then a shelter, it’s happy, loved and fun. All a house pretty much is, is a roof and walls. A house isn’t happy. There are a lot of nice sounds in a home. When you step into your home what do you hear? Maybe Mom calling for dinner, your sibling(s) playing, your Dad in the garage, nice sounds. But in a house there aren’t sounds like that. You don’t feel comfortable with the sounds. My home is unique, comforting, and very special to me. But if I had a house it wouldn’t feel as special. That’s why a home and a house are very different.