Grade 4


Home to me

Home to me is a place to be safe and happy with family and friends. To make breakfast and lunch and dinner and maybe desert! The water that flows through the tap and onto your hands with hot and cold waters to your liking. Love around to know your secure and loved and safe in within the walls to keep you out of the dark nights and cold winter nights . Taking a break and relax In bed and on the couch or even sit on a chair . Sometimes you get stuck in the moment and forget you where once happy as a child but never not be true to your heart because inide you will always be home and always a little kidish but that’s ok cause I woudnt judge you nomatter what because we all love you just enough. Someday youll get a job and money and raise a family and be happy so be as happy and positive as you can and just be you . To all you out there without the best lives .