Sarah DeBellefeuille

Grade 6


Home to Me

To me,
Home is family,
Home is fair,
And full of care.
Home is laughter,
And sometimes a disaster.
Home is love,
Like a flying dove.
Home is sweet,
It’s a real treat.
Home is my brother,
And my mother.
Home is my sisters,
And also my father.
Home is grace,
And sometimes a race.
Home is a place,
You cannot replace.
So let us give,
For a place to live.
For better,
Let’s give them a shelter.
The world is sad,
And that makes me mad.
A home is memories,
From when we were babies.
Then you grow,
And you let go.
Think of the others,
All of the mothers.
The people with nothing,
They don’t know what they’re doing.
So let them find ,
What we eventually leave behind.
All people need a home,
Cause it’s a protected dome.
Home is me.
Home is we.