Grade 5


Home to Me is

In my bedroom with my brother Jayden I have giant and small stuffies. And my Dad is always there for me. Home to me is my pets and my toys. Home to me is my Dad, TV and I like to look at the trees. And I like to play in the snow. Home is to me is my Dad’s car and my Mom’s dog. The meaning of home is my stuffies, they help me when I’m sad and I look at them and I feel really, really good. So good like a star in the sky. And home to me is my Dad’s couch and it feels fantastic, and sometimes home is playing with my brother Jayden and my big sister Elizabeth. Home to me is Pokemon. Home to me is where I play with my friends and soccer. Home to me is my Papa because I love him, when I walk in the house I feel great because the cats always run to me!