Grade 6


Home to Me

Home to Me

I love my house, but that’s not home
I love my bed, but that’s not it
I love the food I eat, but still, that’s not my home
I love my town, how little it is, but that’s not home to me
I love my furniture in my house, but no, it’s not home

Home to me is wherever my family is
My mom is home
My dad is home
My sister is home
I could call anything home if they are with me

I love my family so,so much
They are fun to be around
Though troubles we may face
We will fight them together
To me this is my home

Home to me is family
I thank the Lord for giving me such a great home
My home is amazing and so much fun
I play with my fun,fun animals

My animals are also my family,so fun they can be
My friends are fun as well
They too are family
It is nice to have friends so close
They live in my heart with all my far away family

I have home here, there, and everywhere because my family is everywhere
I love them,especially my 2 little cousins who are full of joy and laughter
I love my grandma who spoils me and my sister
I love my grandpa who works and works for all the days long

All of these people make me strong for they are my home and I will love them all the days long
To me this is my home!