Grade 6

La Broquerie

Home To Me

Home To Me

In my home my family loves me. We do lots of things together. We do have Christmas, birthdays and holidays. But this is not about me. Im lucky to have somewhere to live. About 100 million people don’t even have a house or a home! Just because homeless people aren’t heroes doesn’t mean they have to be ignored!

The difference between a house and a home is…A house is a building, you don’t feel safe. Unlike a home you feel safe and warm when you walk in. You will discover new things. When you leave a house you don’t stay, but when you leave a home your heart will stay forever. In a home you feel like you belong and you feel special. You will be loved and will make many memories, good or not you will never forget them.

I know where I live we have terrible weather and the power goes out. But it’s still warm. The people that live on the street don’t have anywhere to go in that weather. It makes me want to throw my blankets outside.

I feel sorry for the people that live on the street. Maybe if we raise enough money for lots of blankets and a really big house we can bring lots of people together and they can live and keep warm together. Or in lots of places we can build shelters. These are just ideas but imagine you being homeless wouldn’t you want these things? I hope we get that 100 million in half, we probably can’t get that number to zero but we can try! I want to see the smiles on peoples faces when we make homes for them. It makes warm inside and it should make you too, knowing you’re making a better place is awesome!

I have lived in lots of place and they were all home once. But the reason they were my home because the meaning of home to me is when my family is home and we are bugging each other and we are have fun. My brother just bought a house and it’s turning turning into a home. I think it’s the same for him. It’s awesome to know that he’s making memories like everyone should. I hope one day everybody gets a home. Maybe one day.