Grade 4


Home To Me

This is home to me, it’s different you’ll see! When I think of home one thing that first comes to mind are feelings, good feelings. Warm, safe, loving feelings. Everyone will notice me. I will never feel tiny or invisible. I won’t be like wind blowing around or a ghost making no sound. I don’t want to be like a mouse that everyone avoids. I will feel welcome and comfortable in my home. I won’t feel along, frightened, scared or nervous. Instead I will feel joyful, safe and relieved. Home is a welcoming place. I am not locked away or left behind.
In my home I am comfortable to be me. I won’t try to hide my my personality. In my home I will be free. I will not be forced to do something else or act like someone else. I can express myself in many different ways. I can say exactly how I feel no one will laugh at me. I don’t get judged or bullied for who I am. I learn new things every day in my home, to grow, to work and to play. This is the meaning of home to me.