Grade 4

British Columbia

home the greatest place!

The meaning of home
Home is a place like no place you have ever been before.
Home is a place where you can stash your candy.
A place where you can always feel safe and always be safe. Lots of people don’t have a home, and that’s sad.
Everyone shod have a home. Home is a magical place.
You shod always go back if you leave .at my hose I have a cat, my mom and dad live with me. Home, at home you can smile, cry and yell .at home you can eat, sleep, and play. You go to school, come home. every one shod always love a home …. even if you move, you shod always love a home. I want EVERY person in the Entire world to have a good home and a great life. I hope me and my class and Canada make a difference. Home is a place that is warm and cosy, a fire place in your living room. Your room, ware all your stuff is, ware you sleep and have fun. You grow up at your house, form a baby to a kid to a teen to a adult to dyeing. Love lives at your house. home is a spot ware you get sick and get hurt and have fun, be happy and loved. You don’t need a huge home , a house with one tiny little room , as long as you have a roof and a loved one you will have all any one ever wanted ! its scary for the people who don’t have a home because they now they could die .You learn so much at home. Its sad and scary that lots of people don’t have homes! I love my home! Home means so much to me!