Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Swwet Home

Home sweet home
Just five more minutes I say to myself while I wait for the bell to ring. I really could not wait, I just had to get home it’s been a really long day. Then the bell finally rings! I walk to the bus. I hop on the bus and find a seat next to my friend, it drives slowly down the road, I see our stop I say to my friend. All the kids pile off, we were the last ones. We get to the stairs and that’s when… I leap right off, I run through all the kids and sprint. I yank the door open, careless about where my stuff flies. My dog comes running up to greet me then I flop right on the couch. Man that was a really long day! I say to myself as I turn on the TV. But one thing I would really like to tell you about my home is…oh coming mom!

Now what was I saying oops I kind of forget. Just kidding! What I really wanted to say was what my home means to me. My home is the only place I really, really, really love. I love the basketball court and dance studio and all but my home is my home, I just always feel safe there! My home is just so much fun, well only when crazy things happen because I get to see my run all around the house just trying to find stuff! Its filled with so many memories, lots and lots of laughs, tears, fights with siblings, all that stuff happens in a normal home.

How do you feel about homeless people? I think that it is a very sad thing. So many people lose their homes due to a bunch of different reasons. But I think in the future we could build a lot of homes for the people without homes. Whenever I go downtown, I always see homeless people on the streets, I always feel sad, but it makes me feel better when I smile at them because they always smile back. Just think well in your nice and cozy home their cold and wet. They have to sleep outside on hard pavement well you sleep on a bed. What if you were in place what would it be like?

Life without a home? Boy! That sure would really hard. Because every day+ when I come home from school there are nice cozy couches, a fridge with family pictures all over it, there is always music play, shoes all over the floor, I hear the laughs of my family, I hear my dog barking. But last but not least is my family. My family is my life I love them so much! Everything happens at our house!

I really hope that your home is very special to you I also hope that you might have learned a little about what you should think about your home. Make sure to always be thankful that you live under a roof when it’s rainy, cold, snowing and even when there are storms. But really you should be thankful anytime! I have endless thoughts about what my home means to me. What does your home mean to you?