Grade 4

British Columbia

Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home

My home is the best home ever.

I feel safe at home. When I’m home, I feel like I can trust the people I’m with. Home is where there is so much love. When I come home from school after a bad day I feel love in the air.

When I’m home I feel like I can be myself: happy, goofy, and sometimes mad. Every day I get to come home to my guinea pig and my hamster.

Now let me talk about much my family. Let’s start with my mom. She is so awesome I can’t even explain it. It’s time for the rest of my family. There is my auntie and uncle, nana and papa. They are all so good to me. I cant imagine life with out them.

Even if you don’t always get along with your family, so what? You still love them.