Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
Home’s can be anywhere. A home can be a tent, under trees that leafs cover up so they look like roofs for the homeless. A home is precious to me because it has my family in it. My mom is awesome because she buys us enjoyable presants and who she is for taking my brother and me on walks with my dog. When she makes our meals, the delisous desurtes and how she make my life the most wonderful life ever, how sme makes me feel comfortable when I’m sick, also, my brother. When she plays with us, me and my brother Todd, play all day long. My dog is dumb, I mean funny dumb. Or if that word is a real word. Is it? Oh-well, Well one time, my dog smashed himself in the wall. Hee-Hee. That still makes me laugh. Any my brother, they are loving and caring! Another time (before we got my dog) I got a boo-boo on my knee and I was crying and then my brothers came and started crying too and then about 1 second later my momcame and put a bandaid on my knee and my brothers jumped for joy! My family is the best family ever!
A home is a safe place so after dark then someone is in there with you because you share a bedroom and your brothers or sister is in there with you.
I do want to win but who cares if you win. I personally think the ‘what does home mean to you?’ contest should just give money to by homes for the homeless. Do you agree? I hope you do!
A home is a home, a home is a safe place to feel comfortable, relax and not worry about anything outside. A home is a place to be happy and have birthday parties or thanksgiving. And I hope you love your home as I love my home.