Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

Have you ever wondered why some people are outside with signs saying “please donate”or”please give food “?Well,these people don’t have homes like we do.They need homes! Love is what they need.Yes! Love.Love because without love they’ll be sad and gloomy.Why don’t you hand the people on the street something sweet,like a cookie

Give it to them with love.They need to feel proud of them selves,because if you give them a cookie they’ll say “thank you “,which will make them proud of themselves.

When I saw this man who was asking for food ,nobody gave him food.At night I was wondering where he would be sleeping.l was praying to God that nothing would happen to him.It made my eyes full of tears.The next morning,my brother told me how he felt about people not giving him food.It was really sad

Take the chance by giving people love,making them feel proud.Come on,don’t leave them out on the street

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