Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Hi, my name is Shanil and I’m going to tell you what home means to me.
Home is where you spend time with your family
Home is where you’re happy
Home is where you have a good day
Home is where you have a great birthday
Home is where family eat together
It’s also where there is laughter
Home is where you have dreams
There are also different themes
It’s where you have a happy feeling
Home is the beginning
There is never an end
You can make a friend
Home is a safe place
You can have confidence
In a home you can have love with your family
In a home you can make unforgettable memories
When it’s Christmas, you can dream about Santa
And when he’s going to come to Canada
You can have fun
But some people have none
There are people that live in the street
And they have nothing to eat
They are alone
Because they have no home
In a home I’m not alone
For me that’s the meaning of home