Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

November 18th, my clarinet recital. I was practicing in my room when Dad said we had to go. I walked downstairs. As we waited for the elevator, neither of us talked it was as silent as the night. I heard a ding and we walked inside. The elevator opened, and we were in the parking lot. We got into our dark blue truck and I turned on the radio.

While we were driving, I saw many small stores, but one caught my eye. There was a boy in the alleyway beside the store he was holding a bundle of dirty blankets. He walked out of the alleyway onto the sidewalk as our dark truck passed.

When we were driving back home, I started to look for the boy. We passed the antique shop that I saw the boy beside. I asked Dad if we could go into the store. He stopped the car in repliy. I got out of the car and walked into the alleyway that I saw the boy in. I could see a cardboard box with one ragged blanket inside. There was also a small, beat up bag with an empty can inside. Then I heard a small voice from behind me. I froze and turned around. I saw a boy about my age holding a small bundle of blankets. His eyes were wide and curious. I heard a cry and discovered that the blankets were actually a baby girl. She was very pale, and their were tears running down her face. I asked where his parents were, and he told me that they were dead.