Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

I hop off school bus, the cold air hitting my face. I wave to my friends as the bus pulls away. I sigh as I begin my walk home on my own, my feet hitting the concrete evenly. I’m pretty sure no one is home today. I grab the keys from my backpack and open the door. I step into the warm house, my dog scampers to meet me. I give her a hug but I’m still disappointed. As I walk down the sunlit hallway to the kitchen excited for a muffin. I open the packed fridge in search of my muffin. To my dismay there are… wait, what?! NONE? I stomp to the pantry and grab a granola bar. I run up stairs, my dog trailing behind me as I shuffle into my room and settle onto my bed. The bright blue walls covered in pictures and the shelves cluttered with souvenirs and memories.

As I sit there I realise everything I have been thinking is ungrateful. My parents are not home because they are both working jobs to support me and sister so that we can live in a beautiful home and not have worry about having food to eat. As I think I realize that some kids in the world don’t have a loving family who supports them and encourages them to try new sports and activities because they are not fortunate enough to afford those privileges. I know acknowledge that home is not just a structure that keeps me sheltered from a storm but a place that i feel safe and loved. A place that I can be me. A place that I can call and depend on as HOME.