Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Home is where I stay
I play
I live
Home is where my family is,
Home is a place I cannot explain
My memories are there, I cannot complain

People may say
It’s just a place to stay
But it’s not

Home is for me
Home is for my privacy
A home is a place to snuggle up,
A home is a place to grow up

Sometimes the sky may cry
But my home is here to keep me dry
My love for this home
It’s a wonderful place to roam

But I can’t believe
I get to sleep
Under a roof…
But what about the people,
Without a roof…

They have to stay,
Without a home,

They have to sit in the rain
In pain
Without a home
Without anyone to go to
Without a job
Without school…

Now this isn’t right
It’s time to make the world bright
Build them homes
Just like us
A home is a must