Grade 6


Home sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

When I think of home I think of my family. My family means so much to me. First thing when I walk in my I see all of my family having a good time. There are so many fond memories created in my home. Some memories include birthdays, losing your first tooth and so many more. Home to me means family.

Every time I think of home I think of safety. You are protected at home. You have a shelter to live in. There might be a tornado, flood or even a hurricane but you are always protected in your home. When your family is with you in your home you also feel protected. In a home you are safe, but in a house you are safe but don’t really feel like you are. When I think of the meaning of home I think of safety.

All the time I think of home I thinks of all the care I get from my home. When I get hurt my family helps me. My home cares for me by giving me a place to live. Some people have amazing different types of homes but they all care for it and that’s why it’s a home. When I think of my home i think of my family, the love I get and the safety of my home. I feel every person in the world should have a home!