Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

My home is very dear to me.This is a place where I live with my family, enjoy with my friends and celebrate with my neighbours.That’s why I call my home, “home sweet home“.
When I come back from school, I get to relax in my pajamas. I can take a small nap to fresh up. I also get to enjoy in my bed. I play thrilling video games on my xbox at home. I like to invite my friends to play an awesome soccer match in my backyard.
In my home I get to eat tasty and delicious food. My house smell so good when mommy is cooking. I like to hear the food sizzling on the stove.
My home is beautiful it has a big garden.In summer I get to choose flowers and plants. Then, we plant them in our garden. I celebrate Eid with my friends and family by having a BBQ at home.
I love my home and enjoy it everyday.There is no other place like home.To me it means comfort,shelter and protection. This is my meaning of home.