Grade 5


Home sweet home!

Home-Sweet- Home

Everybody loves their home … it means everything to us. It’s where your journey starts. Home is where you grow up and learn new things, because your home is filled with emotions, colours and real-life things! Home is a very important member of my family, because home cares and lives with me. My home is like my babysitter when I’m home alone, because no one is around except for my home. Home is where your memories stay because if you forget, home will always remember. YOUR home will always be the same for YOU… because it wants you to stay happy! Home will always follow you no matter where you go because home will never leave you. Home will always love you no matter what happens… home can fix your problems, and always knows what is wrong… it helps you look on the bright side of things! Your love stays there…because home loves you! Home is where MY birthdays are celebrated and where I say my first word. Home is where you express yourself… it’s meant for tradition! When I’m scared home will always be there, because home makes me feel safe and secure. Home will never run away from you. Home will always be home because that’s it’s job. Home will always stay as HOME-SWEET-HOME. Canada is my home, if you’d come here you’d feel warm and welcomed and you’ll feel right at home… I am proud to be Canadian because Canada is my home and that’s what home means to me! This is house… your friends, family and relatives made it a home!

Home- Sweet- Home