Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Home is a place where my mother can comfort me,
Where my parents can wrap their arms around me.
Home is a place where the warmth of the fire tickles my toes.
Where the sunlight comes through my curtains, it glows.
All the moments we will remember forever,
The memories we will always treasure.
A home is not a building it is love,
It’s not just a ceiling above.
A home is filled with memories
And they are all with your family.

A home is where the moonlight shines through the night
A home is full of love and care, it’s a beautiful sight.
A home is beautiful and full of moments we share,
But the thought of others not having a home can give quite a scare.

In a home we learn what is right,
So let’s help others sleep in a warm bed at night.
We need to give others a place to stay,
Like us where we can run and play.
Others need to have the love of family,
They need to make their own memories.
Some that will last for centuries.

Everyone needs a home, it’s only fair
We need to show them that we care.
Let’s give them a dining room to talk about their day
Let’s give them a guest room for more people to stay.
In a real home you’ll never be alone
A real home, is a home sweet home!