Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Sweet Home!

Home is not just a house, TV’s, couch’s, chair’s and food. It is a place with hope, love and family.

Home is where the heart is, it is where I can feel hopeful, loved and safe. My parents are divorced but I feel safe and loved in both of their houses. Home is a place of relaxation and happiness. Your furniture is not the only part of your home, your family is a very important piece of your home. Home is a secure place where you can feel loved, you should always feel loved and secure in your home. That is another very important part of your home. My home is a place of fairness and love, my home is very important to me.

If you think in a home you need a xbox or a computer, your wrong! In a home you need family, love, security and happiness. Home is a very special place for all of us no mater where you live. I would not give up my home for anything.