Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Sweet Home

House, a house is a shelter, a place to sleep. It’s where all of your furniture is, and where your food is. A house protects you and people in the house from rain, hail, and of course the one that most of us hate…snow! A house is very special in our lives in many different ways, but a home has much more meaning. A home has more meaning because it’s where you share memories and you feel love and warmth.
You’re always with the ones that make you feel comfort and appreciation. Although you might have times when you have fallen into despair, you’ll always come back with a huge smile in your home. One time were I really felt really accepted was when my mom and I were sitting in front of the fireplace with my little Chihuahua Chopper while the fire logs were sizzling and warmth filled the air. Home is where you laugh and have lots of fun with your family or just your friends. At home you celebrate traditions or holidays giving presents or saying prayers. At home it’s normal to have emotional times like when a family passes away or your parents are fighting. But after that you will become very happy again.
In conclusion, for me a home is where I feel loved and cherished. I think it is extremely important that you take excellent care of your home. Listen to your heart because home is where the heart is!