Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home
My home is a wonderful place to stay and eat. Our home is a warm place to live and stay when it is cold and wet outside. I do not want to live on the streets or in a car, but my home is a nice place for me and my family. That is what home means to me. In my house my mom cook’s food for me, my brothers and my dad.
If I did not have a home life would be hard for me. I would have to live on the streets and I would not have that much food to eat. If I had no home, I would have to wander around. If was raining when I lived on the streets, I would have to wander around until I found shelter and stay there until the rain stopped. 
What is great about home is that I have my own bed and bedroom. On the weekends I get to sleep in and rest all day. I can also play around and go outside. I could go places and do whatever I want. I can go shopping with my mother, father, and brothers. I can rest in peace; I can eat food with my family. In My home I can play with my friends if they come over or if I come over. I love my home just the way it is and I love it. I live in it.
I love my home and my family it. But other people do not have homes and live out on the streets and live in cars. So I will fix that by building homes for different people that do not have homes. Then they will have a home to care for and maybe even learn how to walk, talk, play and learn with other family members. They can have the same feelings as us by having homes and doing what others experienced and so their little one’s can have a home and have much food to eat.
I love how my house was built and how it was made to sleep in and live in and I want them to feel the same thing that we experienced. They will have a home to live in, eat in, sleep in, play in. They can feel what we felt when we lived in a house. They will feel it when they start living in a house. So I want them to live in houses so they can live in it.
BY: Ryllie Stewart