Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

To me home is love… We get up every morning and say “I love you” I love the smell of my parents freshly brewed coffee every morning. When we walk in the door after our day, the energetic daycare kids are always there. They are always so excited to see us get off the wacky bus. Once they are gone, we eat supper as a family and share our day with one and other.

To me home is crazy… We are the Sylvesters! We yell, we scream, we have fun. This is what makes us a family and our house a home. When you see the dents in the floor and the scratches on the wall, with that one crazy and loving memory behind it.

My living room is our very special place… My living room is where we have quiet time and cuddle time. This is where we have family time and watch T.V. together with our blankets draped loosely over us. We hear the sound of the cracking hot fire.

Home is where I belong… The kitchen is where my family and I cook. Smell the lovely aroma of scrumptious baking in the oven. I have a picture wall in my house that holds all of the loving memories like this. All of the memories that we love and cherish that we will never forget.

Home is where we belong… This is where we fight, love and treasure everything that could ever happen! We are a family, we love each other no matter what happens bad or good. This is where we feel safe and dream big!