Grade 6


home sweet home

When you walk in the front door of a home you see the photo frames. The frames that hold the memories, The special memories we will remember forever. One of those memories is when we got our dog Freya and we were holding her as a puppy.

Home is where I belong!
The kitchen is where my Nana taught me how to cook. I have memories from baking the chocolate chip cookies and having flour and sugar tossed everywhere. We ended up burning the cookies and we weren’t able to eat them. Bu, we had a blast and that’s all that matters.

Home is where I belong!
My bedroom is my peaceful place where I can do my homework and where I can fall asleep and have wonderful dreams. My comfy bed is full of dreams. My room is my safe place.

Home is where I belong!
What makes my house a home? The love and the craziness, the scratches on the floor, the dents in the walls, all the laughing we have shared on the couch, it’s about all the memories we have made.

My home is where I belong!