Grade 6



Home sweet home
By: Aislinn

Home is where I’m safe. There is nothing to be afraid of or to hide from. I can lay my head on my pillow watching the stars twinkle in the night sky knowing I’m not lost. When I glance out my window seeing a man walking down the street with nothing I feel bad. He could be sick and dying maybe of starvation or dehydration. I have medicine and a doctor that makes my sickness weak again. I have food; the flavors dance in my mouth and I have drinks that absorb and twist. My heart is filled with love from my family. My home is special; the great treasures are not like any other home. My home holds secrets and unique things. To me my home has great value; the memories and the stuff I need. Home is very valuable in different ways but across the world and around the globe there’s people suffering and they have no home. To many people that means nothing cause they have everything they want. To me they don’t have people to love them or to give them medicine to treat their sickness so they sit there and suffer and live an unfair life with no love. Home is a great place so make it great for everyone.