Grade 5

Bolton, On

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Hello do you want to know about a magical place? If I tell you you have to keep it a secret. It is called HOME! Home is an unbelievable place. But it has rules.
1.Love. No love, no home
2.Safe. Not safe. No home
3.Expression. If you can’t express feelings. No home.

The first rule of business is love. Love is like biting into a Wendy’s cheeseburger for the first time but 5x better. like butterflies flying around you. If you are loved, you will feel so much more happy and now you know why love is apart of home.

Oh yes! Rule number 2 safe. Being safe is not having to worry about anything. If you’re safe you can sit back and relaxes. You won’t have to say we need shelter it is raining get down nope never again will you have to say that. How you know being safe is apart of home.

Last but not least, rule number 3 . Expression. Being able to express your feelings is very important in a home. If you have a secret, you can tell someone at your home. They will keep it a secret . Trust me I know.

Well hopefully you now know that home is a very special place to me.