Grade 6

St Laurent

Home Sweet Home

Home is not always a shelter. It is not always where you live.
It’s where you feel important like a king. It’s where the heart is. In the dictionary, two of the definitions of home are, a shelter and where your domestic affections are centered. I agree with the second one because it is very similar to my opinion. For example, you may move in a new place and not like your new house so you won’t call it home. Your home is a place where you want to live, cry, eat, and die. It’s where you belong. You can rule this place like it’s your gigantic throne. Because of all this, you can’t just call any place home right out of the blue. You decide where your home is. That is why in my opinion, home is one of the most overused words in the English language. Unfortunately, plenty of people all over the world live without a wonderful and beautiful home. This is the exact reason why I am writing this fascinating essay. So I can do my part to make this world we all live, struggle, and survive in a wonderful place.