Grade 6

New Brunswick

home sweet home

Hi! I`m Chloe! I live with my mom, my sister and my animals. I have three horses,
two cats and one dog. I am so grateful for my home and animals. I feel my home is a safe please
for me to lay my head down every single night after school.

I love my home so much every night I look forward to coming home to a safe please to
close my eyes and know I will be safe to fall asleep. I know this could sound silly to a lot of
people but it dose not sound silly to me. I feel it isn’t fair at all that there are people out there that
do not have homes because we are too selfish to go out there and belled more.

Every day when I walk home I think about what it will be like when I walk in the
door. I wonder if my mom will be laughing at my little sister for saying something really
funny sometimes I wonder if my little sister will be in her room because she had a bad day.
I also sometimes wonder if my mom and sister are waching T.V waiting for me to get home to
run some errands or if they were waiting for me to start super and sometimes even eat super, but
I always have my game face on for anything so when I walk in the door I`ll be ready for any

Now I know you might think I am wasting your time, but I think you should
listen to what I have to say. Now I know it was a long time ago, but I know it still happens from
time to time. That`s why I`m bringing it up. Have you ever asked yourself why black and white people never got along? Well, I just want to know, I mean it’s just silly. We’re all the same, right? Yes, we all have our differences, but that’s the inside not the outside.

And why! If I had one wish, it would be to get rid of all mean people in this world, so there would be nothing but peace. Oh man. What now? War. Oooooh no!