Grade 6


Home Sweet Home!

What does home mean to me?
Home is a place where you can rest peacefully,
Where you can eat and drink at one’s convenience.
It’s a place where we gather meals and pray to god
My home is where I can feel safe and respected,
There is no other place like my home.

What does home mean to me?
It’s a place where you can be yourself,
Where you can relax on the sofa.
My home is where I make memories
Home is a sweet place I can call my own,
There is only one place like my home.

Without my home it would be so miserable
Like a forest without trees
To me, my home is a place where love, joy and peace is found
Having a home is very lucky and rare
If I didn’t have a home, I would be cold, hungry and poor.

The best thing about my home is not the things inside, but the memories it holds.
Fill your house with love and it becomes a home
A house is made of walls and beams, a HOME is made of love and dreams.
Home is where your story begins!