Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Sweet Home

{~Home Sweet Home~}
“Bang”! I slam the wooden door wide open as I walk up the front steps. I sniff the smell of the freshly lit lavender mint candles. I’m back. Finally. In my toasty warm house. I march up the stairs to my bedroom and flop onto my bed, letting my blankets and sheets devour me as I fall into a dreamless sleep.
Home. Home is a place I can call my own. Where I can dance when nobody’s looking. It is a place where I won’t be judged and I am always myself. When I am depressed, there is always someone to support me and have my back. When I’m sick, I have all the medications that I need to be able to be healthy and strong again. Home is where I haves all of my needs and all my wants.
One of the most important needs is food. In my house we always have food. A fridge full of it. A bowl of crunchy cereal for breakfast, a plate of pasta with fresh tomato sauce for dinner, and even sometimes a slice of cake for dessert.When my stomach is growling and empty there is always something to fill it back up.
Home is not just my house, it’s also art. Once I put my pencil on my paper, it’s like I’m in another dimension. Pressing softly to make something light and colourful. Pressing harshly with huge thick strokes to make something dark and mysterious. Art is something I love to do and always will love, but for some people they have nothing to love.
Once, I thought my home was just a place. A place everyone has
and always would have. Later on, I realized that this was not the case. There are people who don’t even have a roof above their head. Now, I am truly grateful that I have something to protect me from the outdoors no matter what the weather.
This is what home is to me. A place where I feel safe. Where I am accepted for who I am, from the inside and out. It is a place I will always love and remember, and it will always have a place in my heart. Where I was born and raised. No matter how much I move, from city to city, if it’s a three story house or a miniature apartment, home is what makes me, me.