Grade 6



What does home mean to me?

Home to me is something called love that flows in the air just like a dove. Home is a sweet place that I can call my own. Home to me is like a poem. Home makes me happy, cuddles me just like a hug. Home keeps me nice and warm to survive the cold. Home is a place where I can sleep in peace. Home gives me water to help beat the heat. Home is a memory that reminds me as a kid, when I was little and I won awards. Home is something that cheers me up, when I am sad or angry. Home keeps me be safe when it’s unsafe to go out. Home is a place where you live to be safe and feel blessed. Home is a place to make new friends and enjoy your life with fun. Home is like a power as pretty as a flower. Home is like a warm bed and as comfortable as a couch. You can change someone’s life. Don’t let the poor live on streets. Let the poor own a home and live a good life. Home is a happy place to be in, we’ll name it as HOME SWEET HOME!!!!!