Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Sweet Home

Averi Price
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
Home Sweet Home
“Drriinngg”! Finally, it’s time to go home, I pack my things, get on the bus and go home. I get home and fall on my cozy bed. I feel comfortable, I feel safe. I’m home. I take Drake (my dog) out to do his business, feed him, I get a snack and lazily do my homework. Now I’m done with “chores”. Now what do I do? I sit in a chair talking to mom while I smell her cook some delicious supper which reminds me of my nana’s house which reminds me of a WHOLE other story.
When I was one my dad went to Afghanistan with the military. While he was there him and another man got bombed. So now my dad doesn’t have a bone is his arm, instead he has a metal plate. About six years later my parents decided that me, my sister, my mom and dad would move to a new house (it would be a fresh start)! But our new house did not feel like a home at first and it didn’t get any better. A couple months after we moved into our new house my mom explained to me and my sister that our grandfather had passed away because of cancer. He was like my best friend it was a very hard time for me especially.
Could you imagine what home would be like for the homeless? I could, sure some people can go to homeless shelters but imagine if you were sitting on the sidewalk with pretty much
nothing while people walk around with all their fancy things. Or imagine celebrating holidays that are special to you without your family or friends and guess what some people aren’t even thankful for anything they have.
Home to me is a place where I feel safe. A place where I feel cared for, like having warm supper with my family or being tucked into bed. When I’m at home I can be myself and not be judged. I’m happy at home!
To conclude, I hope my meaning of home essay can help someone buy a house and make it into a home. Also, make sure to be thankful for everything you have. As Lin Yutang says “No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until they come home and rest their head on their old familiar pillow”.