Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Sweet Home

Jenna Manuel
Mrs. Piron/LA
November 4, 2016
Home Sweet Home
I dart into the living room as quick as a bullet, flopping breathlessly onto the couch from a long, tiring bike ride home from school. My cat leaped up onto the arm of the couch, purring louder than a trumpet as I gently pet her. I smell something that is like a slice of heaven being shoved up my nose, and it’s wonderful! “Dinner must be ready!” I mumble excitedly under my breath. My mom suddenly calls “Come and get it!” and I rush into the dining room as soon as she even opened her mouth, plopping myself down on my usual chair. I dig in to my mom’s homemade fish and chips, and I have three words to say about it: it was delicious. That dinner made me feel more at home than I already was.
Home is a wonderful place where you can depend on people to look out for you. Where you should always feel safe, loved, comfortable, welcome, and a MOTHER LOAD of other amazing things. When I think of home, I feel like I’m already in my warm, comfy bed with my thick, purple duvet and my soft, fluffy, -and also purple- blanket (I love purple) over my tiny, freezing body, with my cat snuggled up beside all night long. This is how I feel when I think of home, anytime, anywhere, even in the biggest, most horrible situations possible! With my loving family that always has my back, I feel safe, I know I’m safe, I’m 100% positive I’m safe with them, with home. Home is like a dream come true, heaven right here beside me. This is what home feels like to me.
Not everybody has a home, and we have to respect that. They may not have money, or a family, or anything or anyone to love, so we should be thankful we even have those things, and a home, – whether it’s big or small, any shape or size – because lots of people don’t have that. We all know that it’s very sad that some people don’t have homes, so if you see a homeless person if you’re walking downtown -or anywhere really- say hi, or at least smile, because that could really make their day. Also, homeless people are still people like you and me, so treat them like they’re people too – not aliens from planet Mars! Greet them, respect them, and appreciate them! They’re not yesterday’s garbage, or today’s garbage, as a matter of fact, they’re not garbage at all! If you’re nice to a homeless person, I bet you’ll warm up their heart and make them feel like they actually have a home.
Everybody has a different house. It may be enormous and fancy, while others can be small and ordinary, but those aren’t homes. Homes are different than houses. You can feel you’re at home wherever you are, because you always have it with you. In the darkest, most horrendous hours, home is the place to be. Homes are beautiful, beautiful things where you can laugh, cry, have fun, and express yourself. Don’t be afraid to be home, otherwise you may need to see a doctor! What I’m trying to say is, home is the safest place in the world. Never let go of it, or you’re letting go of a lot of things.
Home is something to love, so love it! Stay with it forever and never leave it. If you change houses, you’re not changing home, unless you decide for some strange reason, to leave it behind. If you do not have a home, you can still be happy, you just look on the bright side of everything, because if you don’t, the world will be a tragic, meaningless mess. My point is, enjoy your homes while you have them, or else you’re wasting precious time! So please, stay happy, stay healthy, in your beautiful, precious home, and tell me one thing… Is this what home feels like to you?