Grade 5


Home story

Gooday, You look outside of the frosty window. You see a man freezing. You feel bad for them. then you start crying inside. Seeing the people probably hurting inside. Looking at you through that frosty window looking sad. He is wishing he was you. With limited food that they probably hate. Now you feel Worse. now you think of all of the other boys and girls you go back into your room find some spare change. you head to your door. You go outside give the man that spare change that you have to him he feels so happy again. He gives you a hug now you’re feeling happy again. Then you go back inside.

Then you recall all of the other boys and girls who are homeless. So you donate every month food, water, and money. you do this for a couple months and you feel happier and happier. you get all of your friends and family to help. and then you build more houses and buildings and you end up really happy. That is life Giving happiness.

The meaning of home is how you feel about it. For some people it how it makes you feel others it is the thing in your home personally it is the people in my house that make me happy family toys and the love in it but in the end, it is Love in the home, the memories in and the happy times in it. That’s why we love home. We should all love your home and for the homeless keep hoping for that one hopeful person.


“We all love home if you don’t like things in it just be grateful“Nothing is more important than a good safe secure HOME” by, Rosalynn Carter