Grade 4


Home Poem

Home Poem
Warm, Loving, Caring, Kind
We are the hearts of this home
When we sit down with a frown on our old comfy couch Mom and Dad come to comfort our wounded hearts with love and wonder
but most of all hope that our hearts will heal from the wound that makes us not content
No joy or hope well we slope Mom and Dad
Still full of hope
We stare in to their shiny eyes, we fill fully up with joy because they’re here for us and we say we are the children
the hearts of this home
and we are proud of our home that we roam for years to come with cookies, toys, candy sweets
but feeling sorry for those whom have meat to eat
we give joy, food, coins
We donate to help give some homes but what we really bring is hope to survive with a tribe called an alive family searching for a home whom to roam with children to come to run and play all day in Home