Grade 4


Home or House

A house is a place with only things; no people, family or pets just a building with things in it like
And basicly just things like that.

A home is a place where you make memories and have celebrations.A home has family pets and all the love you need.but a house is only furniture and rooms.for me my memory from my house that makes it special to me is the first time i walked in there with my family and my two cats nala and thats them!

Debate Time!
Purple:Do you see the difference between houses and homes? Well if you don’t i could help you for me a home is a a place of celebrations family pets and friends.but to blue he thinks home is a house now we all know a house is just a building with things and furniture and rooms.but a home is where again you have celebrations and important life changing decisions.

Blue’s side of thinking…
Hey i am blue! And today i will show you a home or basically tell you what a home is.A home is a building with rooms and furniture.No? Wait what but that’s a home.
Purple:oh pour blue.

Here’s a list of the differences of homes and houses:
For house there is more like furniture and some sinks fridges and all that but remember no love

Home house

-Family and pets -clothing furniture
-Special memories
-life decisions

Blue’s conclusion
Ok so i moved some things round in my head like brrrrrr so now i know that a house is just a place with stuff in it and a home is a place to always come back to where you family pets and your memories stay BUT still they are the same thing right?