Grade 5


home means love to me

Home means love to me

Home means love to me because you have all the family and friends. When you are down you want someone to keep you company you can talk to your parents or sibling or you can invite your friends. Any way you can be your own self sit down on your couch with your family or invite your friends watch a funny movie like home alone 1and 2 have a glass of root beer relax. You are king of the castle you make it all happen you are the big boss. Now let me talk about siblings they can be a pain in the butt like when you need help for home work they don’t like to help. But they are always hear for you all the time when you are upset they love you even when they say they don’t you also love them to. My sister is pretty cool I want to be like her when I grow up I want to have lots of friends like her even if she is mean to me. I think she is pretty cool. She is my family. Our family knows how we feel we know that we are safe and comfortable we are loved by people we love. Sometimes our friends and family need our help and love and they know we will be happy to concert them and protect them. We know we are safe do you remember when we, use to yell from our bed in the night THER IS A MONSTER UNDER OUR BED! They came running to our bed saying everything is all ok it is our imagination and we would fall right asleep. When I am at home I feel loved

By Karim Habib