Grade 6


Home means…letter


In this paper I will be telling you about what HOME means to ME !: SAFETY and PEACEFUL PLACE ! Read it all so you can understand ME!

First HOME means to ME SAFETY! HOME is a safe place from the outside world drama and other stuff!HOME is also safe because HOME gives you safety because it allows you to have safety and privacy and a big personal space! That relates to a cactus that is protecting the water inside it from the hot sun! Like the HOME protecting us from the outside drama!

Second HOME means to ME is a PEACEFUL PLACE! Where you can rest your head in/on whenever you’re tired! Also when you’re angry and you want to have peace you can go HOME and have peace and quiet!Like a cactus in a desert while it is angry it can have peace and quiet in the lonely desert!

Thanks for reading this letter because that is what home means to ME!(IF YOU READ THIS THEN YOU READ THE WHOLE LETTER:}