Grade 5


Home is where you choose to make it

Don’t you love, to come home, on a hard day at school or work? Even just to sit down when you’re un-happy, or lie in bed, while someone takes care of you when you’re sick. Can you imagine, not being able to do any of these things? Coming home could mean sitting on the side of the street, with nothing but a blanket and a few quarters. There are thousands, of people, all over the world, that are living like this, just scraping by.

Your home is where you choose to make it. Everyone should be able to make a place their home, but not everyone has that choice. That has to change. Every person, has the right to feel safe, and protected.

When I get home, I say hi to my family, and then snuggle in bed with a book. I can’t imagine, not being able to do this, it would crush me. It isn’t fair that people can’t have simple things like this that they love, just because they don’t have enough money, or don’t have a good job. Not even the worst of people, deserve this fate.

Habitat for humanity and many other organizations help people with lives like this. I believe that if everyone takes part, we can change the world forever. Even doing something as small as raising the minimum wage, volunteering for an organization, donating, or even something as simple as giving a few dollars to a person who needs it. Everyone should have a place to go when they’re having a bad day, a place to hang out with friends and family. Everyone should have a home.