Grade 6


Home is where we Belong

Home is where we Belong

Home for me is a place where you’re safe

Home is a place for happiness

But sometimes sadness

Home is where my sister annoys me A LOT

Home is a comfortable place

Its where I’m loved like a sweet potato

Its where we eat good food

My favorite place in my home is the pantry

Because its all about food

Home is where my room is

My room is very messy

Home is a place to relax

But there’s a sad truth that I have to say

And I know it will break your heart

Not everybody has a home

Not everybody has a place to stay in

Not everybody is safe

And not everybody has a comfortable place

And now the truth has been revealed

My heart will forever bleed

We’re very lucky that there’s a place

Where we belong

And proud to call it home. By: Charisse