Grade 6

British Columbia

home is where the memories are

Home is where the memories are.

Opportunities to move are amazing but you can be sad but it means you’ll have more memories.

Moments to remember are closest with friends and family.

Excitement is crazy when you see your
new home for the first time.

I is always lonely but home have a buddy, like friends.

Sometimes your home’s your favorite place to be when you’re feeling sad.

When you’re at home your imagination can take you and you feel like anything is possible.

Happiness is always around in your home.

Every home is special to the person how lives there.

Right in the middle of happiness and sorrow is home.

Every home needs time but time isn’t something that we find
it’s something we make.

The meaning of home isn’t the meaning of house a house is a place that you live , home is a loving place that memories are made.

Honey’s sweet like homemade lemonade.

Events are memories that are worth remembering.

Meaning is everything, it’s excitement it’s loss it’s passion.

Every home can be brightened from a sunny day.

Meaning, the meaning of home isn’t just searched in a dictionary you have to see what it means to you

Occupation is a fancy way to say home, but it work’s.

Roses are lovely but their thorns are painful and unlike home’s warmth.

I love and cherish my home for all it’s worth.

Emojis are a way to show how you feel but you can’t show strong emotions of your home.

Sometimes you’re home can warm you up with love.

A home is a place that you live but also a place you’re excited to be.

Remembering the joyous memories in your home can be soothing and hopeful.

Every memory from home with your family is worth remembering.