Grade 5


Home is Where The Heart is

Home is Where The Heart is

By Taylor Dorigatti
Grade 5

Home is a place where the heart is
Home is a place where family gives
A house is empty and cold,
Home is so full of love and memories
It just might explode

A home is a place full of dents and cracks
And that is where the memories are kept, but
Never forgotten.
And then on cold nights you snuggle in your warm
Blankets made of cotton

Home is a place where your family
Supports you through thick and thin,
Home is a place where you can be messy,
Toys on the ground instead of in the bin

But there is something not often spoke of,
Some people sadly don’t have a home or a family to love,
They need an affordable home not in an alley.
Its dangerous there, some people could start a rally.

I think we better fix this rather quick
Unlike us, they don’t have a nice home to pick.

You stand here today, you did not look away.