Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Is Where The Heart Is

DRIIIIIIIING!!!!! We all rushed out of the school door being smothered by book bags, I squeezed myself through the school doors. I sauntered along the path going through a maze of people, I’m famished and freezing I thought to myself . sigh finally its Friday. As I walk past the big yellow buses I peer past them and see my mom sitting there in her big black Honda pilot. “Hi honey how was your day” she said to me as I spring up into the car, my book bag flops on the black fuzzy car carpet. “Good” I say as I flop into the black leather cushiony seat. Ziiiip! I take out my purple roots lunch box out of my book bad, hoping that there was a crumb of food left in it. I swing open my lunch box. Nothing! Not a crumb! “Sigh”! I put my lunch box back in my book bag. I shut my eye’s hoping my hungry feeling goes away after a little while the door swings open, I open one eye and my sister “sighs”. I knew my sister was in a cranky mood, as a matter of fact she was yesterday too! So me and my mom said nothing for the rest of the ride home.
Once we got home I whipped open the fridge door to get something to eat. Then I went and laid out in the sun on the nice oak deck. The dark grey clouds came and darkened the beautiful sky, I ran inside and shut the door tight. It started pouring but I had a nice warm home to stay in then I realized that some people don’t.
My home is where I have lots of support. My home is cozy and warm. I have good food, nice cars and a big home with lots of family, friends, smiles, play, fun, wild sibling rivalry, tears and laughter. My home is also very hectic at times, there is always lots of cooking and baking going on. I also have lots of wild crazy pets, which include a dog named Bentley, two cats, Scamp and Baby Boo, as well as a fish named Wavy. My mom and dad like to keep the house clean, they say “a clean home is a happy home”. My home also has lots of memories.

But lots of people don’t have homes. I think everyone should have a home to have fun and make memories, some people did have a home at one point, however some people have been homeless all there life.

Mabey if you see a homeless person bring him or her a blanket if it’s a cold day. Money a cool or hot beverage (depending on the weather). Or even a smile will make their day. Would you be happy if you were a homeless person and no one would even give you a simple smile?