Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home is Where the Heart is

Home is where the heart is.

‘’How was your day at school?’’ Mom said while I scattered through the door. ‘’It was great!’’ I said joyfully as I opened the fridge and got the cool breeze of air blasted onto my face.
My brother sets up a game of Pokémon, at the same time, the dogs go bonkers. This is the meaning of home to me, my family, my pets and relaxing.

I have one brother and two parents in addition to our pets. Our favorite holiday is Halloween, we play board games, go for bike rides and we always have pizza on Saturday night.
I always know my family is there for me whether it’s having fun on family vacations, or fighting over a game of Clue.

Sophie and Mac are my dogs but three days ago we got a foster dog named Joey from Texas. They all make me laugh and smile every day. Sophie is there for me each day I walk though the door form school. Mac is bonkers, like a crazy dog that had 16tons of sugar! Joey is still getting used to living in Canada. Then there is Reeses, she is a warm hearted…KILLER!!! Really, she loves to kill birds. But I still love her even if on occasion she brings them into my room.

Home is a place where I can relax and be myself. It is where I can play video games but actually, it’s not as relaxing as you think it is. It is a place where I can play with my friends and enjoy my free time.

Home means different things to different people. It might mean where they live, or maybe who they spend their time with. It doesn’t matter what home means to you as long as you have a place where you feel comfortable, happy and you can be yourself. Take the time to ask yourself what does home mean to you?