Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home is Where The Heart Is

Emma Boles
Mrs.Piron/ L.A
November 4, 2016
Home is Where the Heart Is
Have you ever felt so relieved when you drop your bag at the door after a long day at school? PLOP! There it goes. DONK! As your shoes hit the floor after you just knocked them off you stinky feet. When you race to your bed and sitting there is an old friendly stuffed toy to greet you. As you fall into your favorite place in the world to be, I know that there is no better place than home.
I live for the sizzle of cheese burgers on the stove. Splat as the hamburger lands on the bun, Squirt when the Heinz ketchup splats on to the juicy patty. As we all sit down together with our T.V trays, while we watch a T.V show. The little mini crumbs sit on our plates that have held many Thanksgiving, Christmas and even birthday dinners. “I will put away the trays if you put away the dishes.” I say when we are finished the scrumptious dinner that we had just had. After dinner we run off to do something else maybe to do homework, or play a game.
Speaking of the holidays. Christmas is the best time in my home. Waking up at my mom’s/dads houses, my sister and I rip open our stockings. Candy is eaten and little trinkets are we can’t wait to play with the new toys. A rattle comes from the back of the car with all the gifts in the back. You can feel the excitement in the air. My family laughs as we think of all of the times played with as we sit in the back of the car. It’s not a long ride to my grandparents’ house… but my brother hits his head on the light every year as he hands out the gifts. Man, my brother is so tall! How am I so short?
Going to bed is a dread, at some times it can be a relief! As my sister and I get into our comfy P.Js. I jump into my bed my and snuggle with my old dirty teddy bear that I have had for as long as I can remember. My favorite part is when i get to turn on the heated blanket. As I lay there and drift off in to the most relaxing, warm and soft night. The next thing you know your alarm is going off. I think it’s been 5 minutes, “Man it’s been 8 hours. I just want to go back to bed!” I say as I step on the cold laminate floor.
From the sizzle to my cheese burgers to slouching into bed. My home is where I want to be. One of the worst things to think of is laying in the cold wet streets right smack dab in the middle of winter. Just think not having any friends or family to be with on Christmas. I know it’s hard, it’s sad but I love my home. As some people would trade they’re old home for a new bigger, better one. I would not trade one single thing for my home, I love my home.