Grade 6


Home is Where the Heart is

My back hurts, my head hurts, my legs hurt, my arms hurt, my everything hurts, and to top it off, I’m lost. My family and I have been out here for days, and I’m missing March break. How did we get lost you may ask? Well it’s a long and complicated story, but I guess I have nothing else to do except sit here and freeze, so I’ll just explain…
It all started three days ago when my mom suggested we go on a skiing trip.
“It’s March break, we need a family vacation,” my mom explained, “I’ve been stuck in this house for too long, and we are going this year… How about skiing?” She’s the kind of lame mom you would see in a tv show, that would do anything for one getaway.
“Wow, freezing my butt off, on a mountain, with you guys? No thanks,” my brother Jason hissed. He’s sixteen years old. He thinks family trips are extremely boring, and stupid, (not that I disagree).
“That sounds like a great idea,” my dad argued, so that my mom wouldn’t yell at him. You could tell he didn’t want to go either.
“I’m with Jason,” I started,
“Oh, come on! It’ll be fun,” my mom pleaded.
My mom eventually got to the point where she had to tell us that if we don’t go she’ll take away our electronics. But her taking away our electronics would’ve been better than what ended up happening.
My dad decided, why fly to Alaska, when we could rent an RV? And it was only downhill from there. The RV got attacked by a bear, and now we’re stuck out here.
But that doesn’t matter, because home is where the heart is, and I guess my heart is here, with my family.